Vehicle Customisation

At TRIGEN Automotive, we are fully equipped to build your customised vehicle that suits your individual needs. From conceptual design, single vehicle prototype to fleet-size vehicle production, we ensure that all vehicles are manufactured with the highest quality. Watch the video and discover what we can do for you today.

Conceptual Design

Computer-aided Design

Prototype engineering

Our design process covers important considerations to allow our vehicles to be easily produced for large fleet orders. We are able to do mould and jig design with our software to enable our special vehicles to be easily manufactured.

Vehicle Electronics

Our in-depth knowledge of vehicle electronics allows our added electrical subsystems to interface seamlessly with the vehicle.

We design, produce and test professional electrical harnesses for our vehicles.

Vehicle Production

Prototype vehicle building to run test and trials for data collection and improvements.

Multi-stage testing to ensure quality is maintained throughout production of a vehicle.

Capable of fleet-size vehicle assembly

Quality assurance checks are done before a vehicle leaves our factory doors.

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