Tumbler Element Heritage

Tumbler Element, the flagship firefighting vehicle of TRIGEN Automotive, is an embodiment of innovation, firefighting prowess and trusted reliability. As concepts of operations evolve, this iconic vehicle has gone through a few iterations to enhance its capability while keeping its identity as a compact yet power-packed firefighting vehicle. Take a look at how Tumbler Element has evolved over the years.

  • 2009 - Gen. 1

    In 2009, TRIGEN Automotive – HOPE Technik’s vehicle specialist team – developed its first generation of Tumbler Element fire response vehicles to answer to the demands of firefighting in an increasingly urbanised environment. Using a light weight truck as its platform, the first-of-its-kind firefighting vehicle is equipped with a manual split shaft power take-off (PTO) gearbox to drive its fire pump. Designed as an open concept vehicle to allow firefighters to quickly get off the vehicle at the emergency scene, the robust roll cage ensures safety for all the firefighters when they are in the vehicle. It also has built-in equipment lockers and four special seats that hold self-contained breathing apparatus.

  • 2011 - Gen. 2

    The second iteration of Tumbler Element was born in 2011. Efforts were made to further increase efficiency in firefighting where firefighters were able to actuate the PTO to drive the fire pump by simply pressing one button. In addition, the vehicle could carry more foam solution and additional two compressed air foam solution (CAFS) backpacks.
  • 2013 - Gen. 3

    In 2013, Tumbler Element went through a major facelift with enhancements in both aesthetics and technical capabilities. TRIGEN refined and developed the one-touch button for automatic PTO change-over and fully upgraded the fire pump to a CAFS fire pump unit. With the new CAFS fire pump unit, firefighters are able to use a combination of water, foam and compressed air to put out fires more effectively.

  • 2015 - Gen. 4

    The fourth generation of Tumbler Element was introduced in 2015. The vehicle was reworked to be more compact, bringing down its overall dimensions slightly to ease in manoeuvring along narrow streets while providing better control of the vehicle. TRIGEN also customised the equipment locker to contain medical resuscitation equipment to enhance operational readiness in rescue missions.
  • 2018 - Gen. 5

    Unveiled in 2018, the fifth generation of Tumbler Element was modified to include a compartment to hold the Firefighting Robot, a compact and portable emergency responder robot which assists firemen in fighting fires, especially in highly dangerous environments that are not safe for people to enter.
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