TRIGEN Automotive offers unique robotics solutions designed to achieve maximum operational effectiveness for emergency services.
Read on to find out what we offer.

Auberon Pneumatic Exoskeleton

Auberon is developed with the aim of helping firefighters carry heavy firefighting equipment up multiple flights of stairs when lift systems in a high-rise building malfunction. These firefighting equipment can weigh up to 40 kilogrammes and pose considerable strain on the fireman when he has to climb up several storeys to reach a fire scene.

With Auberon, the equipment are slung across specially designed frames which help to free up the fireman’s hands as he makes his way up the building. At the same time, the muscle stress placed on the fireman, especially on the shoulders, will be reduced as the weight of the equipment will be passed through the exoskeleton and transferred to the ground via the footplate. With physical strain alleviated, it allows the fireman to focus on tackling the emergency situation more efficiently.

Mighty Transporter

mighty transporter

The Mighty Transporter is a multi-purpose load carrier capable of carrying loads up to 500 kilograms. Designed to convey casualties and equipment over long distances, it can be controlled using a smartphone up to 100 metres away. Its edge detection feature ensures safe usage at all times.

Firefighting Robot

The Firefighting Robot is a compact and portable emergency responder robot that assists firemen in fighting high rise fires, especially in highly dangerous environments that are not safe for people to enter.

Equipped with a thermal imager that is able to detect hot zones in a room autonomously without being impeded by smoke, the scenes captured by the robot’s camera is transmitted live to the operator’s control unit, allowing the firefighters to assess the fire scene from a safe distance while remotely guiding the robot.

With the flexibility to discharge foam from its 9-litre on-board foam solution tank or water through its water monitor, the Firefighting Robot can help to put out small yet potentially lethal fires in a confined space while ensuring the safety of the firefighters.

Casualty Relay System

The Casualty Relay System is a high endurance and scalable unmanned stretcher system that helps firefighters carry casualties and transport them to a designated safe area.

casualty relay system

Highly user-friendly, firefighters will only need to lay the inductive strip on the path they wish the stretcher to take. The victim or the casualty will be placed on the stretcher system and moved to a designated spot.

It avoids obstacles along the path of travel and ensures the safety of the stretcher-user.